Memory Palace built-in Mind will be remembered for a long time.

In many ways, our memories shape our existence. They themselves are like our internal biography, the story that we tell ourselves about what we have achieved in our life. In short, she plays an important role in the whole process of being called our human being. Talking about students, they have to fill many things in their young brains for exams. In this case, they can get a lot of help in studies if their memory is sharp. Experts can also seek help for this by getting Nelson Delhi, a memory athlete who has been a four-time USA memory champion. Here he is giving some tips to improve memory. Given the atmosphere of exams, students can take full advantage of them.

Distance from technology
His easiest memory, according to Nelson, is to disconnect himself completely from technology. Your brain is a processing unit. If you are not present to get information because he is distracted by your mobile, then how can he remember it? If you give attention, you will be surprised to know how powerful your natural memory can be. Research has also proved this point. According to a study conducted by the University of Texas in 2017, the presence of a smartphone also reduces your cognitive capacity, affecting the brain's ability to process data on hold.

Take the support of pictures to memorize
 I make a mental picture to memorize. This is because memorizing the picture from more places than remembering the new thing in words. For example, if I have to bring Charwill or an herb from the grocery store, then to break its name, I will break it into easy words of sure Will. After this I can make a mental image that I am making a loud noise to a solution, the bigger you make this reference, the better. Like I can think that I am speaking to Villon for a short time because if I did not do this, he would take all the fat from the world and everything would taste bad. The more strange your image is inverted, the better it will be to remember it by using this technique, you can remember the names of people in the first meeting itself.

Create a memory palace
When you work on imagining pictures, you need a place to install them. For this, you can use the Memory Palace Technique. For this, you first think of a familiar place like your home or office. After this, imagine the way to go inside it and then store your images, think that you are pasting each image to a location. Now, whenever you need information related to the same, you just have to think about that memory palace, go inside and your images left there will be in front of you. To practice this, Nelson used to say that you should start from three places, and in every place you can start 10 images. In the beginning, you can create images of daily to-do lists and grocery lists. This is about Neuroscientist Tara. This is a great way to add various pieces of memory because it uses many parts of the brain.

Some interesting facts
The text helps you remember information. You may think that studying and repeating that information is the best way to remember it. Inverted coma, but research shows how tests can prove more important in remembering information. An experiment found that inverted students who had been tested after their studies were able to remember the material for a longer period, inverted, even information was not done while students who got extra time to study but had Tested were not inverted, they could not remember the material for a long period.
 Use the unique font for studies
If you want to perform well in the test, then be ready to change the font of your material. At Princeton University's Psychologist, a group of students was given a study guide printed in a common font to prepare for the test, while the other group was given a guide printed in an uncommon font. It was found that the second group performed much better in the test as that material succeeded in gaining a special place in their memory.