Business can fail due to poor logistics service

 Business can fail due to poor logistics service

 In business where you have to deliver the product to the curtmurs, then you need the best logistics service so that the goods can reach on time.

 While doing business in today's era, you should remember that now customers not only pay attention to the product but also the services offered with it.  In such a situation, you need good logistics service so that the products can reach the customers on time and they can be happy.  Bad logistics service can harm the business in this way 

 Brand image will become negative

 Brand image plays an important role to make any business successful and different from competitors.  Word of mouth and online reviews are important in building a brand image.  In such a situation, if your customers are getting damaged products due to poor logistics service or delayed delivery then they will never give good reviews about your brand and product.  In such a situation, the brand image will remain negative and new customers will not be added.  Old customers will also avoid re-ordering the company.

 Pressure will increase on customer support team

 Due to poor logistics service, if the products are damaged or reach the customers late then the customers will be dissatisfied with you.  In such a situation, the pressure will increase on the sales support team.  They will be expected to resolve the complaints of all the customers so that the online image of the brand is not tarnished.  As the number of dissatisfied customers increases, the pressure to keep them happy on the customer support team will also increase.  In this way, useless logistics will affect the service business badly.

 Overall expenses will increase

 Customers will return the products if they get them in bad or damaged condition, in such a situation, if your company follows the no-refund and no-exchange policy, then the customers will have to send a new product.  In this way your logistic cost will increase.  There will also have to be an additional cost of getting the damaged product back and sending the new product.  You also have to manage bad products which will be a burden.  In this way, the business of poor logistics service will have to suffer.


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