Pass engineering-medical exam in first attempt

 Pass engineering-medical exam in first attempt

    Who does not want to enter the top college? It is considered a pleasure to pass the exam in the first atemp. Learn useful tips. 

    Do this ...

    Allow 6-7 hours of daily preparation time in the study timetable. At least give breaks in between studies. To check speed and accuracy, give mock test paper regularly. Solve the topic in which there is a problem during the study as well, do not keep it for the last time. To complete the syllabus, divide it into different parts keeping in mind the time to complete it in that time slot. Refer the NCERT book keeping the topics in mind. Read the notes made instead of the books a few days before the exam. Give double the topic that is not understood. Analyze your level of preparation at the end of the week.

    Do not do this…

    Many times, do not ignore the topics that are difficult during the preparation.

    Do not refer to many types of books for the preparation of a single subject. This will cause confusion.

    Read a better expert's book. Do not give too much time to any one topic. If not understood, read again during revision. Do not solve any mock test paper or sample paper without time limit.

    Mentally remove negative thoughts as much as possible.

    Must keep in mind

    If there is a week or a month left for the examination, there is no need to panic or take stress. Along with keeping yourself away from social media, remember the method of formula and calculation at least 3-4 times a day. Understand the common mistakes of preparing yourself and, remove them. Meditate at least half an hour a day. Try to keep your food nutritious.

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