Keep in mind your interest in choosing the subject

When it comes to choosing the subject after 10th or 12th grade, it is not easy to take this decision without thinking.

 In addition to the transient level, when applying for competitive examination, there are many options given for the selection of the subject.  In such a situation, it is important that whatever subject you choose, choose it according to your career.  This helps to increase your employment prospects in the future.  Also, depending on the subject, you are able to show your skills and acting.  During the selection of the subject, prioritize how successful it will be for you.  Know those things which will help you to choose the subject according to your interest.

 Choose something that looks interesting

 Unless you are not interested in any subject then do not choose any kind of subject nor do any research on it.  Anything or work that you do not mind can not be effective for a long time, so try to choose a subject that is interested in it.

 Choose a topic that is viable

 Although there are many great subjects around the world, but there are some which have immense possibilities compared to others.  While choosing the topic, decide whether it is within your limits or not.

 Select the research topic

 Most people have an end goal in mind during the beginning of research.  As an academic, every candidate wants to get his or her research published.  Research is usually written and done for an audience group.  When choosing a topic, pay attention to who your audience is.  Do not choose the subject if the audience does not understand.