Learn from 5 successful founders what are the success formulas in career

 Learn from 5 successful founders what are the success formulas in career

87% of Millennials consider career growth important in jobs

When it comes to career planning, what else can be better than the advice of world renowned business leaders.  In this context, Steve Jobs, one of the world's largest business leaders, advises that continuous improvement in career is necessary for success.  According to Jobs, if you are able to do a good job, then it is important that you now do such work in which you can do the best.  Then do not take too long on this task and see what will happen next.  Steve Jobs' passion to become consistently better has not only helped Apple continually reinvent and expand its boundaries, but has also inspired millions of people.  Many more successful founders of the world have also given career advice from which you will not want to miss the opportunity to learn.

Goals are outside the comfort zone

Set goals that are beyond your reach.  This will always keep you excited.  The stress that will come out of the comfort zone will help you to improve focus and creativity and to respond better in sudden situations.

Professional Tip - Move towards your fear.  Read the list of your biggest goals every day, this will make you responsible.

Do not miss the opportunity, keep learning

Do not sit waiting for the right opportunity, but make the opportunity according to yourself.  In waiting for any 100 percent perfect opportunity, you will waste your precious time while giving your 100 percent in the opportunity you have got, make sure you learn something new.

Professional Tip- Learn from every opportunity and ask what was it that got better than expected?  What mistakes happened?

Success is possible only with the team

No matter how strong your mind or strategy is, if you are in Medan alone, then your defeat against the team is certain.  Traditional teamwork plays an important role in successful careers.  If you cannot collaborate, you cannot go further.  It is also not right to give credit to each work itself.

Professional tip - listen to team members more than talk.  Do not blame anyone for the mistake and keep your mind open for new ideas.

Learn work from projects

Companies like people who have worked on projects.  Projects are considered more important than Marx.  This is the reason why you can increase your paycheck by working on the project and the experience gained from it in your profile.

Professional tip - Learn a new skill or experience as a freelancer in the short term rather than a low salary job.

Freelancers understand your value

For freelancers, knowing your client is as important as a full-time employer.  Also know how much your work is worth and how much freelancers with expertise like you are charging.  Use of freelance platforms and websites will be beneficial.

Professional Tip - Do research, arrange as many referrals as possible.  Build a reliable network.


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