Follow notes making tips for exam preparation

Follow notes making tips for exam preparation

Whether it is for a school exam or a college or any other competitive exam, for the best results everywhere it is said that the preparation should be strong.  Preparing for the exam is not necessarily controlled from the beginning of your academic session by being present in the classroom with books.  By making strong notes, they can be used for revision shortly before the exam.  Everyone finds it easy to make notes, but have you ever noticed how and how to make notes.

Notes are important

With good notes, students can easily prepare for all the important subjects in a short time knowing the squeeze of the year-long syllabus.  The important information that you write in a paper while making notes is better remembered than just reading.  It is often seen that students make notes in loose paper.  Instead make notes sequentially in one place in a diary or a notebook.

Short and limited notes

A good result from preparation in a short time is possible only with good notes.  Notes should be short and to the point.  Write only those information which is important in your notes, that is, write the summary of a topic.  At the same time, long notes are boring to read, as well as this can lead to lack of time to prepare the entire syllabus.

Chart, illustration and table useful instead of text

Topics that are difficult to remember or cause boredom with continuous text reading, you can use charts, illustrations or tables to make notes interesting.  For example, if you are making notes about the design or working of a DC generator, instead of writing more, make an easy to read and understandable chart by using the right markings and labels.

Give a nice look

If the study notes written will be attractive to watch, then they will also be interested in reading them.  Actually good looking thing attracts.  You can do this in studies also.  In addition to writing in beautiful handwriting, write headings and sub headings in a deep color, so that you can read them at first sight.  At the end of one topic, keep the difference of two lines and then start the second topic.

Notes in simple language

Try to make such notes.  Those who see everything goes on sitting in their mind and this can only happen when your study notes are easy to understand ie that their language is very simple.  Even if you write difficult terminology in simple language with little thought, then it will be easy to understand and remember.


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