Digital skills are also necessary for the job

Digital skills are also necessary for the job

Today, educational qualification is not enough to make a career in any field.  In the midst of growing competition, it has become necessary for young people to be competent in digital skills.  These skills are preparing him for his career.  Let us know what are the other qualities which you should have in addition to educational qualification to get a job -

Hardware skills

With the increase in the level of digital learning in the coronacal, smart classes are using devices such as laptops, tablets, smartphones and AI powered speakers.  In such a situation, it is important to keep basic knowledge of the hardware.

Understanding how to create content

You have to understand whether the content on the Internet is useful or not.  Many content creations exist online with the help of which documents, spreadsheets, PPTs, infographics, etc. can be completed.

Technical language understanding

You must understand the technical language used for various digital devices and platforms.  You need to be aware of terms like HTML, domain, web server and URL.  This information will help you in future.

Social media skills

It is important to have an understanding of social media and online reactions within you.  These days, recruiters also focus on the candidate's social media image during hiring, so it is important to have a good online image of the candidate in addition to educational qualification.


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