These online courses are helpful in improving your hobby

These online courses are helpful in improving your hobby

These online courses are helpful in improving your hobby

Apart from distance learning, the way changes are being seen in the field of education day by day, it is a loss to the students, but such children who are unable to collect fees to study in coaching centers etc.  Getting help in pursuing your favorite course.  Apart from academic courses, many websites are also conducting hobby related courses online.  In such a situation, the government has also started Skill India program for some courses.  Students who are looking to do something innovative while feeling bored at home during the pandemic-induced lockdown can fulfill their desire to learn something online.

Learn Sewing, Knitting, Writing, Makeup, Nutrition, Yoga, Fashion Designing, Language Course, Graphic Designing, Cooking Class etc.

youtube is useful

Internet is helpful to know anything.  YouTube is useful in fulfilling your hobby.  Here subject matter experts operate their own channel.  For example, famous chefs across the country post videos of their favorite dishes on a daily basis.

helpful website

There are many Indian and foreign websites available online, which offer courses related to cooking, make-up, sewing, weaving, web business, creative writing etc.  No special fee is required to be paid for such courses.  These websites provide information to the user according to the topic by releasing videos or content on daily, weekly or monthly basis.  You can learn from these platforms.

There are many other sources available

Courses related to various fields are also conducted online for free.  Apart from the course, you can also easily understand the detail of the work related to your hobby through the Internet.  Some private and government institutions provide certificates to the candidate after the completion of the course under short term courses.  Such courses can range from two days to 15 days or even a month.  Some specialized institutes also offer such courses.  Nowadays, even on mobile, you can easily get the information related to your hobby for free.  For this, by downloading the respective app in mobile, you can get the information given there.  You also do not spend much on digital medium.


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