Also focus on preparing for a successful video job interview

Also focus on preparing for a successful video job interview

Video job interviews have become a trend in the last few years.  Video interviews have become an important part, especially after the recruitments during the Corona period.  Before a video job interview, keep some things in mind so that you can make it a success...

do a trial

Set up the laptop, microphone and conferencing setup before the interview.  Check whether everything is working properly or not.  For this, you can try talking to a friend on Zoom or Google Meet.

Choose the quietest place in the house for the interview

For the video interview, choose the place in the house that is quietest and where there is no sound.  The atmosphere should be such, where you can hear them clearly and your point of view can reach them.  Apart from this, another most important thing is lighting.  Before the interview, during the trial, definitely check whether your face will be clearly visible to them or not.  Even though there is a video interview, but during this time also pay attention to your clothes.  Do not give interview in T-shirt or casual wear.  For this choose the formal dress only.

43% of corporate companies prefer to do video interviews with Zoom.  Apart from this, 19 percent of the companies use Google Meet.

Keep these things in mind in the interview

Listen carefully to the questions during the interview, then answer them.  Don't panic.  While answering, keep the movement of hands to a minimum.  Also, plan what you can do new for the position you have applied for.  Many times you are asked this suddenly and if there is no answer, it is clearly known from the face.


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