Simple steps to achieve your goals

Simple steps to achieve your goals - how i achieve my goals

We all have some small and some big goals in life.  Some are fulfilled, some are not.  Achieving a goal depends on a lot of things, today we want to tell you some small tricks that can help you set your big goals...

No panel or group is needed for goal setting.  It's your life, and maybe the only life, so figure out what you need to do and then get into it with all your heart.

know your goals

Unless you know where you want to go, how will you get there?

believe it

If there is any doubt in your mind whether your goal is achievable or not, it will be difficult to achieve it.  Faith is the bridge to reach the goal.  You have to define what you will achieve when you achieve the goal.  It is said that the one who has the answer of why finds everyone how.

someone has done it before

If your goal is achievable, someone must have achieved it before you.  Find out about it and see what they did to achieve it and now all you need to do is emulate them according to your situations.  Keep in mind that you don't have to copy.

where there can be no compromise

When we know what we won't settle for, the decision-making process becomes much easier.  Make your values ​​clear, your principles clear, and stick to them.  Ignorant people are not believed.

learn to say no

Say no to everything that isn't taking you where you want to go.  Whenever you say 'yes' to something you dislike, you are actually saying 'no' to the things that really matter to you.

it was nice to do yesterday

The best time to start your work was yesterday, and today is a slightly less good time.  Those who think that we will do tomorrow, they really wonder why their work has not been done, because tomorrow never comes!  He is always there today.

get the job done

The work may not be done, but getting the job done is almost always better than getting it done.  The crematorium is full of people who were perfectionists but never got any work done.  Everyone at the top prefers getting the job done than being perfect.

break into small steps

Any big goal can be achieved when it is broken down into small steps.  In such a situation, we do not need to climb any mountain, but we need to take one more step in front of us.

have fun in the goal

A life without fun is also a good life.  You are 40% more likely to achieve your goal when it is exciting and fun.

don't share goals

If you must share your goals, share them with others who have goals similar to yours.  Other people won't understand or want to understand why you're doing what you're doing.

define the problem

When you define the problem, half the solution is in your hands.  You probably know what to do, but you haven't got the time to write it down on paper.  Make time for this, because a lot of things are going to become clear by this, and then your mind will be free for other things too.

the reason must be good

If you have a good reason for your goal, there is a high chance that you will achieve your dream.  You should always remember that good reason pushes you towards your goal.

value your life time

It's morning when you wake up.  It is you who decides when to achieve the goal.  Not every fruit can ripen at the same time.  Your time is about to come.  Be ready for that.

don't tie shackles

There is no need to bind yourself to what you want to achieve.  Because once you achieve that, the chains tied to it will keep you from enjoying your life.

you will never fail

You don't have to trust that you will never fail, you have to trust that when you fail, you will rise again and move on.  It happens everywhere in life, in relationships, in business, in happiness and in many other things, strengthen yourself, and suddenly you will see that you are not afraid of anything.

what to do with money

Collect your money, behave like you're bankrupt, keep more than you show, and say less than you know.  Only you need to know how well you are doing.  It is said that a clenched fist is worth lakhs.  One more thing, if your goal makes you happy, it doesn't necessarily make other people happy too.  You should keep in mind that you have a life, and you have to live it the way you want to.

everything can be bargained

You have to make sure you bargain in your favor.  If you give up your land for others when you bargain, you start getting away from your destination.  You have to bargain till it doesn't harm you.

what is the scale of progress

The measure of progress is not what other people think of you, but the progress you are actually making.  Achievement is real, reward is fake.  Let your work speak for you, don't expect others to see what you are seeing.

you can have everything

It is true that you can achieve everything, but it is also true that you cannot achieve everything.  If you understand this difference, then you will win in life.

Be Extraordinary and Decide Success

You need to compete in everything to win, but you have to be exceptional at one thing.  You can be compared to others in most things, but as long as you have one thing that sets you exceptionally apart from others, you win.  You are at victory only when you yourself decide that you have won.  In a way, it is a game that stabilizes itself.  If you focus on what you have, you will always have a lot.  But if you focus on what you don't have, you'll never have enough.  It will always happen that someone is smarter, more beautiful, richer, or more popular than you.  But there is always the next step.  We learn very hard that if you want to take part in a race, this fantasy race never ends.  The only way to win is to achieve peace.


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