Career in Nutrition : Opportunities can be found till UNICEF and WHO

If till now there has been any time that has inspired people to be most conscious about their health and food habits, it was the period of the pandemic. There is no doubt that even before this, with the increase in lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity, cancer etc., the need for expert advice on nutrition and diet has been felt. All these reasons have increased the demand for professionals related to nutrition and have created many lucrative career opportunities not only at the national level but also at the international level in agencies like UNICEF, WHO. If you also want to take advantage of this trend, then you can try any one of the many career options in this field. But before that it is also important for you to know how the career of a nutritionist is different from that of a dietician. Actually the job of nutritionist is to give information about proper nutrition to common people along with sportsmen for a healthy life. There is no need of any kind of degree, practice or any special certificate to make a career in this. On the other hand, these dieticians identify and treat diseases related to malnutrition. A dietician treats patients in a variety of ways, so certificates and degrees are required for these.

 Amidst the rapidly increasing awareness of health, the demand for nutritionists and dieticians is being started not only at the national level but also in many international agencies.

There are many types of job roles available

After acquiring the necessary qualifications and skills in this field, you can choose one of the many job roles available here. Know about some of the major job roles

health nutritionist

In this field you can work as Project Assistant or Project Associate in UNICEF, WHO and PHFI. Can be established as Chief Nutritionist in an NGO. Apart from this, there are also options like Public Health Policymakers, Nutrition Journalists, Sustainable Food Nutritionists and Regulatory Affairs Specialists.

clinical nutritionist

Opportunities are available for graduate students in nutrition or dietetics as a nutritionist in many hospitals and health clinics. Apart from this, you also have the option of practicing as a Registered Dietitian. After graduation in Nutrition, you can work as Chief Nutritionist, Project Assistant or Project Associate in various NGOs. You also have the option of bariatric surgery. Apart from this, if you want to do private practice, then you can establish your own nutrition clinic and give advice to the patients.

food science and technology

One can work as a food scientist in the centers working in the field of research and development. Talking about some other options, it is also available in the form of Food Quality Controller, Food Analyst and Food Sensory Evaluator.

sports nutritionist

In this field you can play the role of Digital Sports Coach, Fitness Steaming Programmer, Certified Supplement & General Nutritionist. You can also apply for jobs in Sports Authority of India.

courses and programs

To do B.Sc in Dietetics and Nutrition, you must have completed class XII with Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English with at least 50% marks. Some colleges admit students for a few years after passing class XII, while some admit students up to the age of 25. After graduation, you can do MSc in Dietetics and Nutrition or you can also opt for PG Diploma.