Gestures are also decisive in success

The more important your words are in communication, the more important are your expressions.

 No-no I didn't mean to say that, I didn't say that, I didn't want to say that, thus many times we have to try to explain the true meaning of our words.  Sometimes what we want to say does not reach the other person in the right sense and emotion.  Well, good communication skill is an art in itself.  In which the importance of your words is as much as your gestures.  That's why during a conversation in an interview or while talking with your friends, you also say a lot with your facial expression.  Consider these things to know about the correct expression with conversation


To improve your facial expression, pay attention to the way the news readers speak on the TV channel as well as the fluctuations in their facial expressions.  Follow this while talking to your friends and family members.  If no one is with you, you can practice standing in front of a mirror.  Pick a topic in mind and start speaking in front of your mobile phone camera.  See him later to assess where you were wrong and where you were strong.  This will instill confidence in you.

talk with a glance

Pay attention to the position of your eyes during the conversation.  Suppose you are talking to the boss, but your eyes are elsewhere, then it means that you are not paying attention to his words.  Apart from this, talking looking down on you during the interview shows your lack of confidence.  During the interview, the face and voice of the other person should be expressed simultaneously.  But be careful not to let your mood dominate your face.

don't do it

Don't move your hands too much while talking to someone.  Due to this people standing around start looking at you.  Also the person you are talking to starts feeling embarrassed.  Do not let any kind of nervousness be evident from the face during the interview.  Always keep one thing in mind that people will give attention to your words only when you will be able to explain your point to them with the right meaning.

keep smiling

Whenever you are talking to someone, make sure that you keep a smile on your face.  This smile gives a friendly feeling to the person in front.  If you say your words with a smile, then its effect is different.  When you explain something to someone with a smile, he listens and understands you better.  Keep this in mind during the interview as well.

stand still

This is an important basic law of communication.  If you talk to someone shaken, it sends the message that you are not serious about your own words.  There should be some kind of stability not only in your body, but also in your eyes.  When you make your point with a steady attitude, the listener listens to it just as seriously.  Moving too much indicates that you lack confidence.  In such a situation, even the audience will not take you seriously at all.