Make a presentation better with the 10-20-30 rule — the challenge of presentation in a virtual meeting

In view of the current conditions, most of the companies have postponed the decision to call the employees to the office. Presentation has become an important tool of office culture in the Corona period, if you also prepare and present a presentation at home, then keep some things in mind....

The trend of meetings on Zoom and Google Meet has increased rapidly during the Corona period. In weekly and monthly meetings, things are often discussed through presentation. Due to this people sitting in other city can also understand your point better. If you also prepare a presentation and present it in a virtual meeting, then it is important to keep some things in mind. Small things make your presentation attractive and the information related to it helps every team member to understand. A better presentation is the one that conveys its point to others. Know, some such important things, which make your presentation effective...

One time rehearsal required

Before the virtual meeting, decide some things. For example, what is the purpose of giving a presentation, what do you expect from those in front of whom you want to present the presentation and how mentally prepared are you to present it. Consider all these things and prepare the outline of the presentation. Once you are ready, rehearse it. Let's say the whole team has joined the online meeting, now how will you start to make your point, say that. This way you will be able to understand how prepared you really are.

message in last

Give a message at the end of the presentation. Tell the whole presentation at once in 45 to 60 seconds. After doing this, ask the team members to do questions and answers. Through question and answer, you will be able to understand how much the team members understood your point or how many shortcomings were there in the presentation, which need to be improved. Apart from this, if any such thing has come in your mind which cannot be said in the presentation, then you can directly tell it to your colleagues, do not hesitate at all.

During the presentation, due to your attractive personality, the person in front will listen to you. So pay attention to the dress as well.

keep these things in mind

  • One thing that needs the most attention is confidence, your confidence is clearly reflected in the way a person speaks and explains.
  • Be it online or offline, enthusiasm should be visible on the face while giving the presentation. It should not seem at all that by giving a presentation, you only want to be on edge by keeping your point.
  • While explaining your point, you can also ask the colleagues to do questions and answers. This shows how much they understand your point and how effective your presentation has become.
  • American marketing specialist Guy Takeo says that if you want to make your presentation effective, then definitely follow the 10-20-30 rule.
  • The 10-20-30 rule means that your presentation should not contain more than 10 slides. It should not be longer than 20 minutes and the size of the font should not be less than 30 points.
  • While giving a presentation, if you have a small anecdote or example related to it, then present it as well. Examples and anecdotes also help to understand your presentation.

You should not have more than 10 slides in your presentation. For this reason it is considered better
20 minutes is enough if you are presenting a 10-slide presentation
Do not use font sizes less than 30 points in your presentation. By following this rule it can be clearly seen