Successful leaders get the passion and motivation to innovate from sports

From Team Cook to Larry Ellison, their passion for sports has driven them to succeed in business and continue to grow.

What do sports players and successful CEOs have in common? If all of you are looking for the answer to this, then know that most of them have been sports players in their youth. San Antonio Sports' online survey also confirms this. The survey, conducted on 325 business and opinion leaders, revealed that most business leaders have played sports in their youth and supported the youth sports programme. According to the report, 62% of business leaders (owners and c-suite executives) have played some sport in their youth. Similarly, Ernst & Young conducted a survey of 821 Sai Level executives. Of the women surveyed, 90 percent admitted that they played sports. For example, Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan used to play rugby at Brown University. Similarly, Meg Wittman, former CEO of Hecklet Packard, was a competitive swimmer as well as playing tennis and basketball. There are many examples of successful leaders in the business world who have essentially been playing one game or the other. For them, sports sustain their passion for life and innovation, infuse them with energy and inspire them to move forward.

What is the similarity in the field of sports and business

• Stressful working conditions: Success and failure in both business and sports are determined by small margins.

• Special understanding of teamwork: Where can we learn better teamwork from sports? The ideas of the team also have to be taken into account for business growth.

• It is necessary to move forward continuously. The best performers are the most consistent. Those who are fit in both the areas are able to perform consistently.

Keeps stress away from sports - Tim Cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook spends an hour working out in the gym every morning at five o'clock. Tim, who was once fond of rock climbing, still goes for hiking. Cycling is also an important part of his sport. He also has a special interest in Baseball and Rabi Matching. They also make sure to walk at least 8000 steps a day. Tim believes that sports work to keep him away from stress.

Sports activity gave me the idea of ​​GoPro - Nick

GoPro founder Nick Woodman realized during surfing sessions that there was no professional camera available for active sports. This is where Nick got the idea for GoPro. Nick's success is a great example of the close relationship between sports and business.

Motivate sports - Alison

Oracle founder Larry Ellison loves sailing. They also sometimes take part in risky boat races. Ellison believes that sports always keep people alert and motivate them to take bar initiatives.

90% of high-level female executives have played sports, according to EY's survey of 821 executives

Walk at least 8,000 steps a day, it should work to keep you away from stress

A survey conducted on 325 business and opinion leaders revealed that most of them have played sports in their youth.