how to study, smart

 how to study, smart

Your studies could not be done properly in the Corona period. Now the final exams are about to come, so it is very important that you focus on smart study, not hard study. What will have to be done for this, know how to do smart study-

Cover the important things first. This will cover your paper ratio up to 50-70 percent. For the remaining 30%, you have to study seriously. In this also it has to be seen that on which topic you need to pay more attention. Which is your week point, which one is strong. This will give you an idea of ​​what reading is. Also, this will increase your confidence and reduce the anxiety of exam fear.

Follow this strategy to prepare the subject

English- Your focus should be on letterwriting, paragraph writing, unseen passage. In theory, the story and chapters should keep in mind how the story is made, what are the characters in it and what are the main points. Write down and explain the main events, words and keywords or key points without memorizing the long questions completely.


Since Maths is not a theoretical subject, there is no use in studying it without writing, without revising. First of all, write all the formulas in each chapter chapter-wise in a diary or copy and memorize them. If you write the formulas well, then they also get numbers. Try solving some easy questions out of all the questions in the exercise of a chapter, solve the rest of the questions in the book.

social science

In this, all the events and their dates are in the chapters, write them in a separate copy. This way you will have notes that you can remember easily. Watch youtube video to memorize chapter. After watching in the visualization, you will easily remember the whole chapter like a story. There will be no need to cry.


Practice drawing diagrams well. All the chapters that you do not understand, watch them on YouTube videos. Through visualization, even the most difficult questions of science can be easily understood. Write all the formulas and chemical equations of science separately and keep solving them. First of all, revise the important formulas which are easy for you. Do some tricky formulas later.


Understand the meaning of the stories well and prepare a summary. Pay more attention to poems. Write the answers to the questions in detail in your own language. Instead of memorizing essays, paragraphs, understand their points and write in your own language. Understand the set pattern for formal and informal letter writing, which will make writing easier.

Use the Quiz and Recall Method

 It is better to understand your own notes or book than to memorize it over and over again. Write down their points and practice writing them in detail in your own words. Even if the paper comes in objective type, you will be able to do well.

Scientist Albert Einstein also believed that even if you think that you remember everything, it is stored only in your subconscious mind due to repeated reading or memorization. It is not necessary that you can recall all of them while giving the paper. It would be better to adopt quiz and recall method.

Create your study schedule

You decide the study schedule according to your strength, course and subject. Make balance and give equal time to each subject. Do the subject which you find difficult or boring, first. If you read with a fresh mind and with full enthusiasm, you will be able to do difficult subjects easily.

Solve your doubts with your teacher

Instead of leaving your doubts for later, it is better to solve them so that they do not become a problem later. For this you can take help of teacher or friends.

focus on deep work

Your full concentration and focus should be on your studies or else you may take more time to complete the course. For this it is important to keep some things in mind -

Take care of study environment

To study, you should choose a place where no one disturbs you. The phone should be on silent mode so that you do not miss the notifications again and again. Keep your work items on the desk so that your attention is not distracted.

When to read

Some children study at night, but it is not healthy from the point of view. Read as early as possible during the day. Scientists believe that as the day passes, our mental energy keeps getting spent and in the end it remains very less, so read in the morning.

how long read

You should divide your studies into multiple sessions of 30 or 50 minutes. After this, take a break of 10 minutes, in which you can exercise or listen to favorite music to relax.

Relax your mind

Don't overthinking. have a good sleep. If you think that you will not sleep and study more, then it is wrong, because our body and brain also need rest. Do exercise, walk or workout in the morning. Include more and more fruits and vegetables in the diet. Avoid junk food or fast food.


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