do all these things before giving the reference To the HR manager,

do all these things before giving the reference To the HR manager,

In most companies, some references are asked from the HR manager before the appointment. These are the contacts the HR manager asks about you, understands your strengths and weaknesses. The information obtained from references also plays an important role in your appointment, so whenever such references are asked, some preparation should be done before ...

tell that person

Talk to the person whose mobile number or contact you are giving to the HR manager first. Share his number with the HR manager only after the permission of that person. Be sure to tell him from where he will get the call and what information will be asked.

so reference is necessary

In many companies, references are compulsory. By talking to these people, HR managers try to understand the nature of the person they are recruiting, how responsible they are about the work, to what extent they get angry and what they do in such a situation. Is. References are used to find out all such things.

The HR manager asks the reference about the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate, so be sure to tell this to the person whose number you are referring as a reference to the HR manager. That person will be able to understand what is expected of him.

Always choose someone who knows you better for reference. Who knows your strengths. Apart from this, the person who is not sharing, he should also be a settled person. Do not give an angry person's number as a reference to the HR manager.