Know how good the job offer is

 In this way you can know how good the job offer is

To understand how beneficial the job offer from the new company is for you, it is important to keep some things in mind…

Every company makes offers before hiring new employees. Many benefits are told in this. If you have also received an offer from any company, then before saying yes, decide how well the offer is meeting the requirements.


After getting the offer, first of all look at the salary. Check whether you are getting salary as per the industry standard or not. If you feel that the salary offered is less than expected, then ask to change it.

ask about holidays

In the era of epidemic, some companies are providing work from home facility, but still take information about the holidays available. Talk to the HR manager about vacation, sick leave, personal leave. Ask about remote working, in which situations it may be allowed.


In times of pandemic, it has become even more important that what kind of insurance is being provided by the company. For example, the company will pay the insurance premium for you and your family or you will pay it yourself. Many companies deposit this amount themselves. Also know how much amount is being received by the insurance company.

career growth

 Many companies provide training, professional development and promotion to their company employees from time to time. Get information from the HR manager about what are the rules regarding this in the new company. Also talk about salary increment. By getting answers to these questions in the early stages of a new job, you will be able to decide better.

Last word for job offer Identify how good it is - after getting the offer don't say yes to it in a hurry, first understand it and compare it with the benefits currently available.


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