Aim to learn new skills at workplace

Along with improving your profile, new skills also help in getting new opportunities in future. Experts say that it is a challenging task to learn a new skill while on the job, but it is easier to learn something new while working in the workplace. Learn how to develop new skills

don't let work get in the way

Experts say, to learn a new skill at the workplace, first see if it is not affecting your work. If it is not so, then something can be learned from your colleagues, seniors, which is part of their responsibility. It is very easy to learn something new through them.

Increase skill like this

For example, if you are a writer, then you should also have the skill of proof reading. By doing this you can also make a part time job as a proof reader in future. Therefore, you have to decide what kind of job you have and what kind of skills you can develop in it. Also include this in the CV.

If you have learned a skill and are well versed in it, then include it in your CV. You will get the benefit of this in your next job. In this way the confidence also increases.

Do you know that only 3 out of 10 candidates try to enhance their skills in the workplace.