How to tell about your personality in interview

This question is often asked in interviews that you should tell about yourself. That is, you have to give information about your personality to the interviewer. While answering this question, most of the candidates use the old line which has been going on for years. At the very beginning of the answer, he describes himself as a hard worker and honest. This has a negative impact on the interviewer, because that is what most of the candidates say. Therefore, while telling about the personality, keep some things in mind. know about them

avoid saying these things

Tell us about your personality? Most of the candidates avoid the beginner when they ask this question. I am a hard worker, I am a perfectionist, I am an honest person.. Avoid saying such lines.

 While telling about the personality, keep in mind that you should add it to the position for which you have applied. Your point will be different from rote answer.

understand by example

If you have applied for customer service job then you can say that I am interested to solve the problem. I am able to solve the problem in the shortest possible time. I can say for administrative job, I have always been an organized person, have achieved the same target in the previous job as well.

9 out of 10 people use old lines to answer.