Video editing : Make future in this field after 12th

If you have the ability to understand visuals then video editing course can be better for you...

Editing is one of the most important activities after the shooting of the film. With the help of computers, more unique aspects of the tasks related to this work have come to the fore. Today there is a huge demand for editors in every film production company and studio. Cinematic imagination is the first condition of this work, on the basis of which a film editor gives the final shape to the film through video editing of the film. What is this video editing? This is being told in detail here. If you have the ability to understand visuals and evaluate them quickly, then a video editing course may be better for you. These days the demand for video editors is constantly increasing due to the latest technology of editing, because it is not possible to imagine any movie or TV program without video editors. According to an estimate, there will be a demand for more than 1 lakh trained video editors in the future.

what is video editing

 Under video editing, the concept of editing and the things related to it are explained in detail. From capturing footage, editing footage, where to fit the visuals, how to mix music and sound, all these tasks can be done by editors who specialize in video editing. For this both theory and practical training is necessary. According to Mohit Soni, CEO, Media and Entertainment Skills Council, the video editors in the film earlier used to work through linear technology, now they work through video editing. The editing of the cameraman's visuals is now accomplished in no time with the help of computerized software.


Certificate Course in Video Editing and Sound Recording and Diploma in Post Production, Video Editing, there are four types of courses, which range from three months to three years. Short term courses of one and a half to three months are also available.

Educational Qualifications

To enroll in this course, the paths open only after 12th, but for degree and diploma, it is necessary to be a graduate in any subject. Short term courses are also available in this. If you want to get a job in any channel then it is necessary to be a graduate.

personal merit

To be a successful video editor one must be imaginative, understanding the need of the scene and mixing the appropriate sound. For those who are interested in effective editing of shot scenes with the help of various software, the profession of video editing is very bright. This profession associated with the entertainment and media industry has money as well as employment opportunities. There are plenty of employment opportunities in News / Entertainment Channels, Music World, Feature Advertising Agency, Film / TV. Apart from this, work is also available on short term contracts in post production studios, television companies etc.

Opportunities and prospects

After completing the course, one can work in News, Entertainment Channels, Production House, Music World etc. There is also a lot of options for freelancers in this field. Apart from this, work can also be done on short term contracts in post production studios, television companies etc.