Find out the reasons for not getting the job after the interview

There are many candidates who give interview, but still the selection is not done. Why this is happening, there is a need to understand so that we can stop those mistakes, which are creating hurdles in your selection.

where went wrong

If you have not been selected even after giving many interviews, then honestly think about where the mistake is happening again and again. Is there a lack of confidence or you did not have the skills asked for the job.

also note

For the job, first read carefully that what are the conditions set by the company for the recruitment of the candidate. Read all the conditions and see if you are able to fulfill up to 90% of the conditions or not. Apply only after that.

be prepared

Reaching the interview round is also no small matter. So prepare in advance the basic questions asked in the interview. Arrive 30 to 45 minutes before the interview so that there is no rush.