How to be Productive everyday In Life

How to be Productive with 5 Totally Fresh Techniques

Productivity can become a constant in your work system but for it you have to keep evolving your work ethics. We all look for ways to be a productivity master but the problem is with time the hacks fade away and we forget them. Freshness is needed here. So, presenting to you- How to be productive with 5 totally fresh techniques. 100% fresh and 100% new.

How to be productive

How to be Productive with 5 Totally Fresh Techniques

1) Find a middle road between multitasking and focus

A pet project or an approaching exam anything ensuring a better life needs focus. But who says you need to give 100% to tiny tasks also?

Find where you can multitask because sometimes quantity dominates quality.

It is better to prepare the gist of PowerPoint presentations while commuting to work or even Netflix-ing. A little work means a productive beginning. And a good beginning also leads to the desired end.

A flavoured icing on the cake will be the confidence you get. Do minor things while you have to work on unimportant things. Save your time allow you to perform major things with focus. A minute saved is productivity earned.

2) Don’t sweat over a sick bed

While you’re lying on your bed burning with fever something pops in your mind- “I am more than this disease attitude.”

You jump out of the bed and dip yourself into the work only to find your temperature shooting up.

Sounds familiar? You do get more head ache if you continue working in an aching head. Don’t you?

The only thing to ease your disease is rest. A day of rest can save you from another two days of being sick.

Remember, you are not a robot but human. And human needs rest. Only if it’s the opportunity you were waiting for years then exert yourself in sickness, never daily. Your body should not be a land dying under the weight of mountains of workload.

3. Get a dice

Raise your hand if the real culprit of your dying productivity is laziness. (You are not alone, my hand is also up.)

Laziness comes at 3 steps- while starting to work, finishing it and repeating it.

All these steps include symptoms of quitting, generating excuses, shifting to unimportant activities or delaying decision syndrome. All this boils down to one thing- ‘instruction-less-ness.’

It is a word weighing several pounds but the meaning is simple – you don’t have any instruction, no further steps to do. This makes us choose the easy thing- lazy-full-ness.

Having instructions before yourself fight laziness and indecision. When we are confused or don’t know where to go, we follow the first instruction we get.

For example-Everyone should opt for engineering after school.  People do follow it because no other instruction is visible.

If these lame instructions can steer our life, we can use the same to reverse our life into our ways. Pick up 6 to do’s you should be doing when any of the three steps of laziness tries to knock down your productivity. Make them simple but not easy.

You can use something like:

1) Do your best for the next 10 minutes.

2) A 15-minute nap and then hardcore work next 30 minutes.

3) Finish the easier task first.

Make your 6 tasks and roll a dice when you feel laziness about to whisper. Act, your work will silence the laziness and give voice to productivity.

4) Not night or day but present

Who is more productive a night owl or early bird?

Anyone could be. But for productivity, the answer is the third one.

The present eagle.

No delaying till the stars of night twinkle to accompany you or the cock to trumpet your beginning of work.

 Keep your eyes on the present and like an eagle fly high. Your flight will be writing ‘Productivity Level: Infinite’ on clouds of life.

Be someone benefitting from every possible time to work. Whether you came 10 minutes early to work or your train is 1/2 hour late, fill every break of present with productivity. And if you want to skip reading and to first finish your work then go ahead. Your tick marks on to do list are all we want.

5) Listen and talk

Yes, we all do them again and again. But the step for productivity surge is not mere talking and listening, you have to turn your conversation into GOLD.

GOLD- ‘Giant opportunities to leverage doing-ness.’

It means simply converting conversations to self and others into something that matters.

When we are being struck and see no way to proceed, then an old saying flashes in our head, “When there is a will there is a way.”


It is because we have heard it (of course) and more because we know it is true. People have followed it and came out from labyrinths with winning smiles.

All you need to be a powerful producer are words. It could be your own affirmation or a quote from your favourite leader. Keep saying, listen repeatedly and it will come to rescue it when your productivity breathes last.

Believe me, I still hear Shah Rukh’s voice every time I doubt myself saying, “Don’t be afraid of being afraid, be afraid of not facing your fears.” A Ted talk, some podcast, a book, or a conversation with a stranger, anyone could be your Gold. Your Gold is everywhere.

That’s all for how to be productive with 5 totally fresh techniques. Signing off, I need to throw my dice. Laziness level 3.


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