The Great Formula to Make Yourself Super Productive

The Great Formula to Make Yourself Super Productive

The Great Formula to Make Yourself Super Productive

It is the demand of nature to adopt new methods to achieve success, only then your today will be better than yesterday and you will be able to achieve your destination.

Have you ever noticed that some people are always happier, energized and more productive? They complete any task in less time than normal people and without any mistake and are always ahead of the crowd. Whereas other people fail and fall behind because they are always in their comfort zone and they are unable to achieve their goals. Are you also not able to reach your destination despite making the right planning and efforts. So the big reason for this is not being able to do the work in a productive way. When you work productively, you can also achieve maximum results in less time. This is possible only when you calmly focus on only those things which are really important.

ways to make yourself more productive at work

Adopt the 20/20/20 Formula

Along with good physical health, a positive mindset is also necessary. Starting the day early gives you extra time. Starting the day with exercise and meditation fills your mind and body with peace and freshness. To properly use the first hour of the morning, follow the 20/20/20 formula, which suggests that 20 minutes to move, 20 minutes to reflect and 20 minutes to improve yourself. The most common thing among all the great and successful people in the world is that they have a great passion for reading and learning new things.

prepare to do list

If you want to do something different in life and want to win then you need to focus. Make a to-do list every morning or night with a pen and paper. When you plan your whole day in advance, at what time you have to do what and write it on paper in the form of a list, then you are able to complete all the tasks in a productive way. In this list, you can put the most important or difficult tasks of your day in such slots, when you feel yourself agile or when your efficiency is highest and you can put easy or interesting tasks in that slot. Where the efficiency is lowest. In this way, you will be able to do more work with less effort. This method will double your productivity.

have two mobile numbers

If you want to be super-productive, keep two mobile numbers with you: one that the world knows and the other that only a handful of people know like your life partner, kids, boss, and best friend. Apart from this, keep the second number only for talking. Do not enable mobile data or internet on this number. With this simple method, you will be able to control the biggest disturbances of the digital era to a great extent and increase your productivity in-turn. When you are doing your important work, then your mind starts saying you, this work had to be done, that work had to be done, a mail was also about to come, someone's message is also going to come. Soon it starts taking your attention away from your work and taking it somewhere else. But how to avoid it? It is difficult to control the mind but it can be played with it to some extent. As soon as your mind tries to take you towards something else, you immediately tell yourself, this is the most important task for me at this time and I will get up after completing it. If you can do this then you can be super productive.

It is also necessary to say 'no'

The difference between 'successful people' and 'truly successful people' is that real successful people are not always there for everyone. They say "no" to every non-essential work. So do yes to the work where you really need it. If someone gives you a task that he himself can easily do, then you should calmly refuse it in a calm manner.

don't give up

It is very natural that today you are very excited about increasing your productivity, but it is possible that in a few days you will go back to the old way and start doing everything as you were doing before. Nothing to worry about, most people do just that. But most people don't try to repair again, you just have to keep trying. Only then will you be able to emerge from the crowd of crores of unproductive people and join thousands of super productive people. Keep trying despite the repeated failures in your endeavor to be productive. Keep adopting new ways to improve yourself, only then your today will be better than your yesterday and you will be able to achieve your destinations.


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