Actions Speak Louder Than Words Quotes

 Actions Speak Louder Than Words Quotes

What people do practically is much more important and shows your feelings and intentions more clearly as compared to what they speak. People are only concerned about what you do in life instead of what you speak. Taking actions is the most important thing for achieving something in life. So here I am going to share famous inspirational quotes on actions speak louder than words that will lead you to take actions.

Famous Actions Speak Louder Than Words Quotes


1. “Walk the walk…talk ain’t necessary” George Akomas Jr

2. “Well done is better than well said.” Benjamin Franklin 

3. “Words may show a man’s wit, but actions his meaning.” Benjamin Franklin 

4. “The superior man acts before he speaks, and afterward speaks according to his actions.” Confucius 

5. “Talk without the support of action means nothing.” DaShanne Stokes

6. “Love is more than a word. Love is an action.” Roy Godwin 

7. “Be content to act, and leave the talking to others.” Baltasar Gracian 

8. “You do not write your life with words. . . You write it with actions. What you think is not important. It is only important what you do.” Patrick Ness

9. “Thoughts do more. Words to much. Actions do much more.” Israelmore Ayivor

10. “Actions speak louder than thoughts – it’s what you do when presented with the opportunity that showcases your love, or lack of.” Anna Shine 

11. “Wealth does not count; words do not count; actions count!” Dada J. P. Vaswani

12. “If we don’t fight for what we ‘stand for’ with our passionate words and honest actions, do we really ‘stand’ for anything?” Tiffany Madison

13. “Your actions will always speak volumes louder than your words ever will!” G Swiss

14. “Values are the definition of our actions in life” Armin Houman

The Best Actions Speak Louder Than Words Quotes

15.  “External actions are evidence of internal beliefs. Our deeds are what show our creeds.” Tim Hiller

16. “Actions speak louder than words, and it’s no more true than with your kids.” Brad Pitt

17. “If your actions don’t live up to your words, you have nothing to say.” DaShanne Stokes

18. “Men are what they are because of what they do. Not what they say,’ said Ove” Fredrik Backman

19. “Lips and tongues lie. But actions never do. No matter what words are spoken, actions betray the truth of everyone’s heart.” Sherrilyn Kenyon

20. “Time is never enough, enough is the action that you take in a given time.” Kangoma Kindembo

21.  “Sometimes our actions are much more meaningful than words. A hug can sometimes express more than our words will ever express.” Catherine Pulsifer 

22. “Prejudice is learned. What will you teach others through your actions and words?” DaShanne Stokes

23. “A word is enough for the wise, but talkativeness is not enough for the foolish” Joy Clinton

24. “People can play dumb all they want, but they always give themselves away in actions. In the small moments, like that.” Stephanie Perkins

25. “I pay ZERO attention to what you say. But your actions have my undivided attention.” Sotero M Lopez II

26. “In leadership, life and all things it’s far wiser to judge people by their deeds than their speech – their track record rather than their talk” Rasheed Ogunlaru

Quotes on Actions Speak Louder Than Words Inspirational

27. “Actions speak louder than words. Words cost nothing. Actions can cost everything.” Aleksandra Layland

28. “When you are purposeful and take daily action, more opportunities come into your life. Believe and build more.” Wesam Fawzi

29. “Pay less attention to what men say. Just watch what they do.” Dale Carnegie 

30. “Grace is given not to them who speak but to those who live their faith.” St. Gregory the Theologian

31. “If Your Desire Is To Create A Better Future, Get To Work And Create A Better Today!” Wesam Fawzi

32. “The dream provides inspiration and motivation. The goal generates drive and momentum. But daily effort on the details is the fuel that gets you to your dream.” Aulic-Ice

33. “I never listen to what a person says. I look at what a person does because what they do tells me who they really are.” Patty Houser

34. “What they actually did matters more than what they said”  Kenneth Eade

35. “The world can only be grasped by action, not by contemplation. The hand is the cutting edge of man.” Jacob Bronowski


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