Improve the performance of old smartphones by adopting these methods

Uninstall apps

If there is old hardware, you should install apps that have not been used for several weeks. These apps cover the phone's space, which reduces the phone's storage and slows down and also generates the background process. In both iOS and Android settings, this storage menu gives information about how your storage is and what type of content is filled in it. In this you can see what is the size of the apps and which app is occupying the most space. After knowing this you can remove such apps!

Clear browser cache

Open it on your iOS or Android device. Now scroll down to Settings and tap Privacy. Tap Clear Clear Data here and select Images and Files and click on Clear Data option.

 Updating system software

Go to the settings of your iPhone or Android phone and type the update in the search bar and read the instructions on the screen properly. On both these devices, you can manually check for updates.

Use app's light version or web-app

Lite versions of software such as Facebook, Line and Microsoft h are now readily available. To install the light apps, open the Google Play Store on Android phone and select one in these applications and press the install button. You can choose between Facebook Lite, Facebook Messenger Lite, Google Maps Go, Gmail Go, Line Light, Skype Lite and YouTube Go. Keep in mind that before installing them, you have to disable or uninstall heavy versions of them.

 Turn off auto update

If your phone does not have storage packing or spare power, then you will have to manage the task of updating apps and software yourself. To turn off auto-update, go to the Play Store and open Settings and then select Auto Update Apps and select Don't Auto Update Apps.

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