Learning will be better by adopting these methods
Photo by Tra Nguyen on Unsplash

Learning will be better by adopting these methods

Who doesn't know people like Maxim Gorky, Ernest Hamigwe, Thomas Alva Edison, Leonardo da Vinci, Wright Brothers, Ravindra Nath Tagore, James Watt, maybe the whole world knows them. These are the people who created their own identity in the whole world because of their work. But do you know that these people were their teachers themselves? Whatever these people learned, they learned by themselves, never depended on schools. People who learn by themselves or learn on their own are called autodidacts. American writer and entrepreneur Mark Twain states that he never allowed his school education to become an obstacle. Not only do all the people get an education from school, but we also have to change our habits to learn practicality. Here we are telling you about some such effects and techniques, which will improve your learning by adopting

  • Feynman Techniques

You can use the Feynman technique to understand ideas that you find difficult to understand or speak. You choose any one topic and understand it as if you are explaining it to a student. If you get stuck at some point, you can also take the help of reference material. For this, you have to simplify your language.

  •  Pomodoro technique

In 1980, this technique was developed by Francisco Cirillo. This technique was developed to help concentrate. In this technique, you have to set a timer of 25 minutes. Once this time starts, you have to leave everything else and focus your attention completely on your learning. In the meantime, you have a 5-minute break. It can take over and repeat the process again. This technique also motivates you to shift your focus.

  • Memory palace technique

To use the memory palace technique, first of all, you have to design a place in your mind that you know, if you want, you can also think about your office. Now you have to use this technique like a visual notepad in which you are accumulating images of the concept that you want to remember. This way you can remember the entire list in your mind.

  •  Hard-start-jump-easy technique

 Students are told that whenever they sit to solve a question paper, they should first solve easy questions. This is said so that they are not discouraged. According to this technique you start the question paper with difficulty and if there is any problem in solving it, then you start solving any other question. After this you have to come again to the difficult question which you were not able to solve. By doing this, most students can solve their problems easily.

  • Einstellung Effect

To use this technique you have to get yourself into the bouquets mode, that is, look at the sky without thinking. By doing this, your mind will get leisure. Then you have to try to set your mind according to the mindset of the person who has started learning something new.

  • Test effect

By using this technique you can make your memory fast for a very long time. When you start forgetting a topic, according to this technique, try to remember important topics related to that topic.