most creative entrepreneur examples, who do business on artistic ideas

most creative entrepreneur examples, who do business on artistic ideas

As the name suggests, creative entrepreneurs are talented thinkers who connect business with creativity. But we are giving you an example of some of the most famous and most creative entrepreneurs if you are around your talent- If you want to build a business around, then you must definitely get examples of some of the most creative entrepreneurs being shared here and their stories. You will get to learn something.

Walt Disney
Whether it was the Disney Company movies or the famous theme parks, they all started during a train trip to Walt Disney when he was returning home after losing the rights to one of his cartoons and suddenly had the idea of ​​creating a Mickey Mouse. After this, Walt showed an Empire by his Imagination and Artistry.

Steve Jobs
 Steve Jobs together with Steve Wajni developed a technology that was accessible to everyone, but they also took care of the beauty of the devices. They developed products that people had no idea about, such as the need to carry thousands of songs in a small device or turn a portable phone into a computer.

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Ree  Drummond
Drummond, who lives in a Cattle Range in the US, began uploading photographs, and recipes on a blog in 2006. By 2009, his blog started receiving 13 million page views every month. In addition to the proceeds from this blog, Drummond further expanded his creative success through cookbooks, cooking shows, and cookware lines.

Creative entrepreneurs do business on artistic ideas

 These creative entrepreneurs working in a creative field do not do their job only because of Hobby, but they are innovators who bring ideas to the ground of reality. While adopting an artistic profession for employment is not new, but the concepts of creative entrepreneurs and the growth of this energy are definitely new emerging trends. Especially on the Internet, such resources and opportunities have been created, which can also be used to benefit from their knowledge. These creative entrepreneurs, according to their work, skills, revenue generation, can be broadly divided into five categories-

  • The educator remains focused on something special
He is also known as Thought Leader. They use the information to teach their followers something special. This special thing can be a new skill - such as cooking a unique dish or a tutorial focusing on any aspect of the business. First of all, it is for the creative entrepreneurs to build their interest in the interest, topic, and trust of the audience. Blog posts, podcasts, videos are used to share free content. After building a strong relationship with their audience, they sell books, courses, and workshops for revenue generation.

  •  The Freelancers - Are Field Experts
These creative entrepreneurs trade their skills on an hourly rate or project basis. They have become experts in the creative field. His jobs include graphic design, web design, copywriting, photography, video production, social media management, public relations, illustration, etc. They get their clients both online and offline and offer solutions to grow their businesses or nonprofit organizations.

  • The curators collect and arrange products
 Also known as the retailer, these creative entrepreneurs are recognized for their ability to find and sell products made by other people and companies. These professionals work to generate revenue by creating a balance between purchasing products and selling them to customers. Apart from this, they also do important work like collecting and arranging products while matching the personality of their brand.

  •  Artist / Maker - Produce Objects
These creative entrepreneurs create items that can sell to audiences. This item can be of many types such as housewares, clothes, jewelry, greeting cards, candles, paintings, perfumes, etc. It generates revenue by wholesaling the art to retailers or selling directly to its followers.

  • The coach raises the potential of clients
 The job of these creative entrepreneurs is to find other people's potential and highlight it. They provide clients with inspiration and motivation through video conferencing or face to face and by becoming their accountability partners, they provide tools to overcome obstacles in the way of personal growth.