The yoga industry is giving strong opportunities for a global career (Career in Yoga)

In the current era, people are more aware of health than ever before. The increasing risk of lifestyle-related diseases has also contributed to the growth of this awareness. In such a situation, yoga has made a special place among the people in front of them to stay fit. This is the reason why not only in the country but also abroad, there is no shortage of career opportunities in popular yoga. Its importance in the field of health can be gauged from the fact that the United Nations has recognized 21 June as International Yoga Day. In such a situation, if you also want to choose an area where you can get health along with wealth, then you can choose the field of yoga. There are many career options in this field, not only is the course and scope available, but you can also move forward by working as a part-time or full time professional. Let's know about the career options available in the yoga industry -

These courses will be helpful
Many degrees and diploma courses are available in this field. You graduate to b.a. (Yoga Philosophia) or UG Diploma in Yoga Education for Bachelor courses and for post-graduation m.a. in Yoga or PG Diploma can apply for courses like these Yoga therapies. Apart from this, many certificate courses are also available in this field.

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Career Opportunities
In addition to pursuing a career as a Yoga Instructor, Assistant Ayurvedic Doctor, Clinical Psychologist, you can do research in Yoga and Naturopathy or can also work as a therapist. You can find jobs in resorts, schools, gyms, health centers, sports, housing societies, and large organizations. Along with TV channels, people also hire yoga instructors in private, as well as you can choose the path of self-employment by becoming a yoga expert for tourists.

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 Yoga instructor
 According to an estimate, there are about two lakh yoga instructors in the country while there is a demand of around 500000 yoga instructors in the market. In view of this, you can make a career as a part-time or full-time yoga instructor. Although initially, you may have to take free classes to make your place in the market, once established, you can charge according to your talent and customer base.

Yoga Studio Honor / Manager
It is a good combination of yoga and business that offers yoga training in one or more rooms. As an entrepreneur, you can start a yoga studio or can also work as a manager or instructor of a studio.

Yoga Festival Organizer
You can connect yoga to events by becoming a Yoga Fest organizer. Various types of yoga, diet plans, and activities are provided in these festivals for a few days. Some famous festivals are International Yoga Festival, Rishikesh, 3HO Yoga Festival, Europe, and Bali Spirit Festival, Indonesia.

Yoga Research
Many types of research are being done about the physical and mental effects of yoga in the world. Scientists are investigating its effect on diseases like diabetes, cancer. These researchers are in great demand in the fields of Psychology and Physiology.

Yoga therapist
Many psychological and physical therapy programs have been designed from the research conducted so far. In which yoga and meditation have an important role. In such a situation, you can start private practice by working in health centers and rehabilitation clinics.

These institutes have short courses

 Swami Vivekananda Yoga Research Institute, Mysore, Duration: 1 month (Residential)
 Swami Vivekananda Yoga Research Institute, Bangalore, Duration: 3 months (2 hours per day)
Yoga India, Mysore, Duration: 4 weeks, Minimum qualification: 1-year experience in yoga before application
A1000 Yoga, Kora Mangal, Duration: 200 hours

What the figures say
3000 Indian yoga instructors are training in China.
The global yoga industry is worth $ 80 billion
 Indians can spend ₹ 5-25 thousand per month on yoga

This city is a yoga center
Rishikesh, Puducherry, Gokarna, Pune, Mysore, Goa and Kerala

 There are many fields in yoga in which specialization can be done. These specializations are usually designed keeping in mind a particular type of person or a goal. For example, keeping in mind age and health, children, senior citizens, and youth are taught different types of asanas and some yoga instructors build their career by focusing on only one of these age groups. Similarly, according to demand, they are also specially designed to mix spirituality in yoga or use yoga as a therapy to overcome a disease.