These tips will be useful to convert your ideas into business

These tips will be useful to convert your ideas into business
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These tips will be useful to convert your ideas into business

 Young entrepreneurs have many ideas and ways to work on them, but they are unable to work on them due to lack of cash or lack of investors. In a study by CB Insights, 29% of the 101 startup founders cited cash shortages as the main reason for start-up failure. Here is information about some of the organizations working to provide financial and technical support to entrepreneurs.

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  • Startup India

 Through this platform of the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India, you can find many resources related to startups, market reports, tax rebates, and funding information, incubation centers, and startup mentors. From here you can get information about all the plans for the startup. You can also get help by registering on this platform -

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  • Atal Innovation Mission

Atal Incubation Center and Atal Tinkering Lab are being set up in various districts in the country under the Atal Innovation Mission of NITI Aayog. These centers are built to support entrepreneurs and promote innovation. You can get advice from business experts and funding to start a venture. These centers are working to take startup culture to students and youth. Website

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  • Indian Angel Network

 It is a network of investors who fund new startups and provide them with mentoring service. Here you can learn business tricks from senior and successful businessmen. This platform connects startups to investors right from the initial stage. The network provides support in areas such as education, agriculture, manufacturing, retail -

  • Electronics and IT Ministry

 If you want to work on ideas related to new technology, AI, software, or hardware, then several schemes issued by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology can be beneficial to help you. You can get financial as well as technical help through various schemes like Patents and IPR Protection, Software Parks, Grants Scheme, Electronics Development Fund-

  • MSME Ministry

The Government of India opens an incubation center at University CollegeEdge through this ministry to promote small businesses, train youth to become entrepreneurs, and provide funding to the selections. You can find out where such an incubation center is located where these opportunities can be taken advantage of. One can also avail the benefit of various schemes like Credit Guarantee, PEP, Raw Material Assistant,

  • Corporate incubators and investors

Nowadays, big corporates are investing in startups. These corporates include many big and tech companies and banks. These companies also provide both guidance and funding to startups. These companies include Tata Capital, Innovation Fund, Aditya Birla, Godrej's Omni Bor, Reliance's Jio GenNext, Google Venture to name a few.

  •  Portal useful for crowdfunding

The trend of crowdfunding and startup is constantly increasing. You can get funding from many online platforms. There are many websites like K toe, Wish Barry, Crowdera, Fuel a Dream, Catapult, Rang De, on which you can take advantage of crowdfunding after registering.

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