Follow two seconds rule in communication, always have a hunger to know new

 Follow two seconds rule in communication, always have a hunger to know new

His experience for graduates in the early stages of his career after passing college is his teacher. Failing many times, they feel that I wish! If they had experienced this before, they would have avoided making a mistake. In such a situation, if you get to learn from the experiences of some experienced and successful people, then the path of success can be easy for you to an extent. Bill Gates also says that no matter how much education you acquire, you will need experience to reach the top. Here Successful leaders are sharing some such lessons which they have learned from their experience.

      Hold a microscope in one hand and telescope in the other, moving forward with a mindful.

      If you are thinking of following the path of entrepreneurship after graduation, then it is important for you to know that patience is the greatest quality of any entrepreneur. If you have a good idea on which you have started work but the results are not immediately satisfactory, then still keep working on that idea. Since you lack experience, keep a microscope in one hand and a telescope in the other. Get involved in all the work in the early days. Choose for yourself the best people you can grow with. Along with being mindful, be adaptive, active and flexible. Listen to consumers.

      Surround yourself with energy-giving opportunities

      For students going to step into the career field, Meha's advice is that if you remove the pressure imposed on yourself, you will get all the answers. After college, some of your years will be spent learning, creating, failing and standing up again. Remember that your first job is not the last, you have complete freedom to start something new anytime. Always keep your appetite for something new and keep yourself surrounded by such people, problems and opportunities that give you energy. You should also know that you can always change your resume and tell the story that you want. Take some time to find out how you are feeling in your career and where improvement is needed.

      You own your career rocket ship

      In his early career, Victor worked at Microsoft. Here he received three advice to elevate his career which he often shares with all the students. His first advice is to become your own rocket ship and perform consistently well. Companies usually believe in merit where hard work not only gets reward but also recognition. Another advice is to work with a manager who is a rocket ship. Develop a good relationship with him. With his growth, you will also be able to grow. Lastly, work for a business or product that is a rocket ship. Employers who prove themselves are the first to be offered whenever new opportunities come.

      Would like to do work with a good listener

      Ian Siegel, CEO of Employment Marketplace ZipRecruiter, share his first job experience, saying today he realizes that it is important for everyone to know the importance of listening to others at the time of their first job. According to Ian this technique makes you a person with whom everyone likes to work. In communication with people, he suggests following a two second rule, according to which it is necessary to stop for two seconds before answering after listening to the person in front of them in any important conversation. This will give your brain time to process all the information and it will also indicate that you are listening carefully to the front. Not only this, always be honest in your career, especially when the circumstances are difficult because you will lose credibility if you hide the truth.


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