Get success in virtual job interview like this

 Get success in virtual job interview like this

Get success in virtual job interview like this

In this phase of the Corona epidemic, virtual job interviews are being conducted. To give such an interview, you must have a complete understanding of technology. Also it is very important to take care of some special things.

   Karl Friedrich B├╝chner, a famous American author, once said, "They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel by their words." These things about virtual job interviews are fully applicable. Over time, virtual job interviews with video conferencing software such as zoom, skype, Google Meet have become a big reality in the job industry. If you too are waiting for your appearance in a virtual interview, then it is important to take care of some special things.

By adopting these methods, you can make virtual job interview successful

   Gain mastery over technique

   Perfect knowledge about technology is the first condition for success in virtual interviews. Find out how various video conferencing software works, check your internet connectivity, also check internet speed. Also make sure that the camera and microphone on your device are functioning correctly. 

   Take important information

 Know this in advance from recruitment agencies that which software from they will take your interview? You can also request to know the number of members of the interview board. Join for the interview 15 minutes before the scheduled time.

   Choose right environment

   Select a good room for a virtual interview. The room should have such a complete arrangement of lights. There should be no traffic noise around. The seating arrangement near a window or in the corner of the room improves focus on the face.

   Prepare well

   Keep a hard copy of your resume with you. Also keep a hard copy of all the mandatory information about the company for which you are interviewing. Keep all documents close. Write the answers to the possible questions beforehand, this makes the presentation good.

   Groom for interview 

   Light-colored full-sleeved shirts with formal wear paint, tie, are considered standard dress. Wear well-polished formal shoes.

   Practice will make you perfect

   When the personal interview is virtual rather than face to face, it becomes a bit difficult to present yourself in front of the interview board. In such a situation, you can rehearse it with your friends or family members. This will instill confidence in you.

   Take care of body language

   The theory of public speaking is that what you say is not important, but how it is said is more important. That's why pay attention to body language. Sit upright, keep the eyes on the camera level and keep the face cheerful.

Consider these things

  1.    Do not panic even in the event of not answering difficult questions, be patient and stay calm.
  2.    Speak the truth, do not mislead the interview board with incorrect answers. They are smarter and smarter than us.
  3.    If there is a mistake or you do not know the answer to any question, then speak clearly. Give succinct answers to interview board questions.
  4.    Wait for your turn to speak. Listen to the talk of the interview board carefully and if there is any confusion, do not panic in any way to ask again. 


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