Correct planning will save you from burnout: Satya Nadella

 Correct planning will save you from burnout: Satya Nadella

 Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella shared some tips from Work From Home at the recently held online WSJ CEO Council, saying that while virtual meetings have made it much easier, it has its own importance to make social connections and plan your day.  According to Nadella, work from home requires more discipline and time management.  If you start working as soon as you wake up in the morning and attend one meeting after the other, then you will soon become a victim of burnout.  To avoid this, he has given three tips-

 Plan Your Day 

First of all, decide the time of your work and follow it strictly.  For this, take care of small details as if you are not scheduling a meeting during dinner.  It is also necessary to set a time limit for every meeting.

 Keep a gap between meetings

 Nadella believes that just as you used to prepare yourself for another meeting by drinking a coffee while going from one meeting room to another in the office, in the same way here you have to take transition time so that productivity remains.  Also, set the agenda for each meeting in advance and strictly follow the deadline so that the entire schedule is not extended to you and the rest.

 Spend less time on mobile

 Nadella suggests turning off notifications and staying away from mobile screens to avoid distractions.  They themselves often make notifications silent and do deep reading to strengthen the attention.


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