Camel model gives business sustainable growth in difficult times

 Camel model gives business sustainable growth in difficult times

   Many tech startups among we grew rapidly and achieved unicorn status. It has been described in a report by Harvard Business Review as a methodology that achieves growth at any cost, saying it only works when the market is bullish. At the same time, startups that have little access to capital or trend startup human capital and those in emerging markets the do not face uncertain economic shocks. For these, the Camel model rather than the unicorn proves to be correct. This is because the camels withstand the scorching heat of the desert and adapt themselves to the changes in the weather. In Camel models, startups focus on three things.

   Focus on balance

   Businesses in Camel model take special care of these things to create balanced efficiency

   Correct pricing: These represent the market position and quality of the product by charging full value.

   Cost Management: By doing this they create a long term growth curve.

   Changing Trajectory: They manage themselves for any difficulty by constantly managing the burn.

   Long journey important

   They know that it takes time to break the market. In this situation survival is most important. This gives the time to prepare the operation needed to produce and grow the right product to the camels.

   Flexibility is also important

   From the example of Flipkart, the report states that the company had to build the entire logistics and supply chain. In fact, stormy scales are difficult to achieve in some markets. Sometimes it is necessary to build a full stack of helpful structures.


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