Make a career in occupational therapy

Make a career in occupational therapy

 Those students of class XII who have a biology subject, their main objective is to study medicine and become a doctor.  If for some reason they are not selected for MBBS, they get frustrated.  Medical may be a good future for biology students, but this is the only good career, this is not true.

 Teaches to overcome difficulties

 Occupational therapy is the branch of health science that teaches a person to be self-sufficient and live on his own, despite physical and mental illness.  There are many opportunities to make a career in this field.

 Studies in these subjects

 The UG Courses of Occupational Therapy teaches orthopedics, anatomy, psychology, physiotherapy and pathology and clinical training in internships.  There is no joint entrance examination for this course.

 Job opportunities

 Postgraduate is generally considered essential in occupational therapy.  After doing this course, one gets jobs at various centers, NGOs and rehabilitation centers for children with physical and mental weakness.  Currently, its utility has not been fully established in India, but there are plenty of jobs in countries like UAE, USA and Australia.

 Premier institute

 These institutions can be contacted to read Occupational Therapy Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay Institute, New Delhi SRM College of Occupational Therapy, Chennai - Maharashtra Institute of Health Sciences, Nashik Department of Occupational Therapy, Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi - Indore Institute of Medical  Sciences - Santosh College of Occupational Therapy, Chennai and Ghaziabad - Maharaja Vinayak Global University, Jaipur etc.


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