These methods will reduce the workload

 These methods will reduce the workload

 There are often employees in the office who are upset with the workload.  In such a situation, if you wish, you can create pleasant and pleasant office environment for employees by some innovative methods.  Learn some useful methods

 On weekends, especially on Fridays or Saturdays, spend two hours a day for sports etc.

 On any one day of the week, you can plan outings according to the convenience of all employees.  This will relieve them from the burden of responsibility for some time and the next day they will be able to refresh and start work.

 Conduct quizzes on a single day monthly.  It asked questions related to General Knowledge, Current Affairs, History, Art, Culture etc.

 In addition to winning to encourage employees, participants can also give incentives and certificates.

 As a boss, colleagues can spend some of their time with them to relay to employees.  This will make employees feel motivate.

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