employment opportunities in the toy industry

employment opportunities in the toy industry

 According to toy market experts, there are about 400 large toy manufacturing units organized nationwide. At the same time, the number of small units of toys in the unorganized area can be around 40 thousand.

  The way the market for toys that make children happy has increased in the world, at the same time, good careers have also emerged under the toy industry. Two types of toys are commonly found in the toy market. One, toys that give children only happiness and other toys which are useful for mental development of children along with the joys of play. 

  Many toys  available 

  In the toy market, new toys are made of colorful dolls, puzzles, mechanical sets, designer board games, computer games, doll houses, stuffed animals, robots, followed by simple toys based on wood stone, clay, plastic and other artificial items. And there is a demand for various toys including remote control toys. According to a new report by The International Market Analysis Research and Consulting, the toy market in India is about Rs 12,818 crore.

  Basic training, certificate diplomas and degree courses related to toy making or designing are available in some institutes in the country. These courses teach the art of toy design with plastic and various types of metals. Toy designing is also included in some courses at national and state level institutions related to designing in the country. Since toy making, graphic design, multimedia, cartooning, industrial designing, computer designing and multimedia information is useful. Therefore courses related to these different disciplines are also beneficial. To make a career in the toy industry, you can make a career by choosing any institute and any suitable course available from different institutes located in the country. On August 30, 2020, Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasized on the importance of making toys for local and vocal on the toy market in the heart of the mind, it has increased the possibilities for the toy market in the country to grow rapidly. The standards of the Bureau of Indian Standards have been implemented after the Central Government increased the import duty on toys by 200 percent.

  The toy making sector is such a place in the world, where there can never be any shortage in their manufacture.

  Essential skills

  Knowledge of computer knowledge, creativity, graphic design, modern design, multi-media, psychology and cartooning should be made to make a toy. A background in computer and electronic engineering is also necessary to be a part of the toy industry. Knowledge of safety from toy making and chemicals is a must. The designer should know the trends of the market and the choice of children of different age groups.

  Career opportunities

  There are various employment and self-employment opportunities in the toy industry. They are mainly associated with toy production, designing and marketing. For such designers, there are good career opportunities in toy making companies of India and abroad. A children's room or play school is also designed to be designed on a toy theme.

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