Attention Before Attempting Mock Test

Attention Before Attempting Mock Test

Regardless of any exam, students adopt a variety of methods for preparation. This includes giving sample paper or mock test paper. But many times students do not take its preparation seriously, which has a negative effect on performance. Learn about such points that can help you in solving mock tests.

Think for the next

It is often the case that students, while solving the mock test questions, keep thinking about the previous question rather than the question that comes up.  Do not do this, effectively solve the question by taking a deep breath.

Be prepared before the test

Make a plan before attempting the test.  Prepare a list of mistakes you made in the previous mock test and keep in mind the next.  Aim to score more points.

Don't waste time

No matter how strong a section / topic is for you, if you are not able to give the correct answer within the stipulated time, please proceed to the next question without wasting much time.

Check efficiency

After the mock test, do a thorough analysis of all.  Identify areas where you can improve your efficiency and accuracy.  This way the results will get better.

Determine the purpose

Prepare for each level of mock test.  Do not go to the difficult level immediately before the exam.  Set your objective.


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