Create an answer strategy in civil services

Create an answer strategy in civil services

The Civil Services Mains exam is not only meant to test the knowledge of the candidates, but it also tests their ability to write structured answers in a limited time.  UPSC exam is not one which is general for everyone and neither is expert in writing every candidate.  The ability to write good answers is developed only by regular practice.  In fact, a good answer should be relevant, as well as one that meets the demand for the question, is bound to the word limit and ends on time.  Learn about other facts

Read the questions carefully

It is very important that the first question is read correctly.  Along with highlighting the important words in the candidate question, clearly understand the demand for the question.  Pay special attention to some words in the question like elucidate, critically analysis, enumerate etc.  These determine the main demand for the question.  The candidate should understand what is actually asked in the question because he will not be able to write the answer until the question is correctly understood.  Carefully reading the question helps the candidate to write the answer.

Arrange answer

It is important that any answer is detailed and correctly structured.  This makes the answer more presentable and easier to read.  Usually one can define key words in the introduction.  Begin the answer with a brief introduction and appropriate subheading.  Recent reports add some relevant facts to the answer.  If the answer is to be read correctly, then write the content in dots.

Write in limited time

Regardless of any examination, everyone thinks that the bigger the answers, the higher the marks.  but it's not like that.  Write short answers in the exam.  In UPSC exam one has to practice 250 marks questions for 180 marks.  In such a situation, set a time of 7.2 minutes for a 10-digit question.  Usually, candidates spend 15 to 20 minutes in response to three-four questions.

Creative presentation, stick to the word limit

The answers drawn using creative presentation tools such as flow charts and diagrams attract testers.  This saves candidates time.  However, the candidate should know how to use them creatively.  Not only knowing what to write, but also knowing what not to write.  Crossing the word limit will not yield more marks.  Rather you will lose precious time.


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