Build a career in manufacturing sector

Build a career in manufacturing sector

In the midst of the Corona crisis, the manner in which India is being given high priority to build a new global hub of manufacturing under the self-sufficient India campaign, the bright prospects of a career in the manufacturing sector are emerging.  In simple words, when the raw material is converted into a valuable product in a factory to produce more than that, then this process is called manufacturing.  At present, the scenario of growing of many types of manufacturing industry is visible in the country.  Recently, the government in a discussion organized by the Department of Industry and International Trade Promotion and NITI Aayog on production-related incentive scheme said that by the year 2025, the PLI scheme will produce goods worth $ 520 billion i.e. about 40 lakh crore rupees in the country.  This will increase employment opportunities.

Employment opportunities

Under the manufacturing sector, employment and self-employment opportunities are increasing rapidly in various government and private sector industries.  Especially mobile manufacturing and specialized electronic components, pharma drugs and APIs and medical devices, textile industry, food process industry, cement industry, IT industry advanced chemical cell batteries, electronic and technology products, auto components, automobile and pharmaceutical drugs, telecom and networking products.  Career opportunities are appearing with different specialization in the areas of textile production, food products, PV modules, white goods, specialty steel.  Apart from this, there are good career opportunities for positions related to Mechanical Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer, Software Engineer, Production Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Quality Control Engineer, Civil and Systems Engineer, as well as Accounting, Commerce, Marketing and Management.  These include jobs in CA, HR Manager, Finance Manager, Operations Manager, Project Manager, Marketing Manager, Accountant, Executive Assistant positions.

Educational qualification

PCM stream in 12th is beneficial for career under manufacturing sector.  Interest in various branches of engineering and technology can make a good career with suitable branch according to ability and ability.  Especially after degrees in Mechanical, Biomedical, Biomechanical, Automobile, Civil, Robotics, IT, Chemical, Macroelectronics, Macatronics, Electrical, Computer, Textile, Paper, Material Science, Sustainability Design, Environmental, Agriculture, Systems, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering etc. Can make a career.

Important things

Students should have interest in engineering subject to make a career in manufacturing sector.

Interested in inventing something, making its design or creating something new by using different tests by machine testing.

Concentrate for career, diligence and proficiency in English.

Various degree courses in this sector are available in IITs, NITs and various colleges in the country.

Diploma courses of many engineering branches are available in various polytechnic colleges and ITIs in the country.

Select good degree courses and institutes.


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