Increasing demand in companies increases possibilities in digital HR

Increasing demand in companies increases possibilities in digital HR

Currently more than 45,000 digital HR job roles are vacant at career portals like and LinkedIn.  But the surge in demand for digital HR is not the only reason why you plan to do this course.  It is important for you to keep these two reasons in mind as well.

Helpful in making smart decisions

Combination of digital HR with people analytics or HR analytics in workforce management makes your decision making smarter, policy and data based during recruitment, performance management and employee retention.  For example, digitally transforming the recruitment process makes screening easier for candidates who do not meet the requirements required for the post.

Better opportunities are available in your career

A certificate course in Digital HR will not only make you aware of new tools and techniques, but will also strengthen the resume.  As companies also need skilled professionals in digital HR, they are offering good salary packages to the appropriate candidates.  According to a survey by PayScale, HR analysts with digital HR qualifications earn up to 4-5 lakhs per year at the start of their careers.

Some Job Rolls That Will Be In Demand

HR Analyst- These professionals provide data based information and guidance to the company regarding allowances, benefits and performance management.

HR Specialist - The HR Specialist is responsible for managing the payroll system of the company to create a new employee account and deactivate individual accounts.

HR Information Systems Specialist - They execute and manage HR Information Management Systems.  Consultancy services and management also provide advice based on business needs and resources.


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