Work at Home: Build a career at home

 Work at Home: Build a career at home

 There has been a difference in the jobs of people since the Corona period.  Work from home culture started on a large scale.  Adopting this culture, a different way of working evolved.  Now the compulsion to go to the office is ending.  The trend of people working from home is increasing.  If you want to start your career with 'Work at Home' then there are many options available.  Such options give the candidate the option to work from home and save money.  Know about similar career options that you can adopt sitting at home and make a better earning tool.


 If you have a good command over languages, then you can start your career as a translator from home.  For this, it is necessary to know at least two languages.  It is better if there is one Indian and one foreign language among them.  Having proficiency in more than one language, preference is given to the candidate and more opportunities are available as translator.  There are many companies that do the work of translation seriously.  This includes everything from books to research papers.  Apart from this, you can earn Rs 1.5 per word by freelancing through websites like or

 online promoters

 If you like to be active on social media and the number of followers is increasing, then you can also opt for online promoters.  Online promoters can become an online agent while staying at home.  E-commerce companies like Amazon and Flipkart hire promoters or agents to increase online sales.  They pay you a fixed commission.  If you want, you can create a webpage for this, where you can promote and sell things and increase the commission.  If you want, you can also do this work as a part time job.

 virtual assistant

 Earning can also be done sitting at home by becoming a virtual assistant.  Virtual assistants have many jobs.  Tasks such as creating company powerpoint presentations, preparing business documents and preparing company projects are part of their profile.  Many companies pay the virtual assistant according to the hours.  They get from 500 rupees to 4 thousand rupees for an hour.  It depends on the skill of the candidate.  A virtual assistant works according to the needs of the company.  Apart from the private company, many websites also do freelance work.

 From 01 to 5 rupees per word a freelancer gets for the article

 Virtual Assistant can earn from 05 hundred to 5 thousand rupees per hour

 Within 06 to 12 months bloggers start earning from their blog and they start getting advertisements.


If you have a passion for writing and know how to keep pace with technology, then you can make a career as a blogger.  For blogging, you must have the ability to write on contemporary topics.  Apart from this, your writing should be such that more and more people join.  The more people join your blog, the more traffic will come to your blog.  On the basis of this traffic, advertisements are received for the blog, which earns money.  Also keep an eye on the comments of users in the blog, this gives an understanding of what kind of content they want.


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