Are you also battling 'burnout' of work from home?

 Are you also battling 'burnout' of work from home?

The increasing work load and stress at work from home is adding to the burnout. Burnout means fatigue in the body that affects both the body and the mind. Know how to deal with it... •

  How to deal with burnout

It's important to understand this before dealing with burnout. If the work pressure has increased to such an extent that there is a headache, food is not digested properly, sleep is not getting enough, quick anger, lack of interest in work and depression is increasing, then these symptoms are due to burnout. Huh. This can be dealt with by keeping a few things in mind. As nothing is more important than health. So take a break from work for some time.

This break will help you recover from physical and mental fatigue. You will be able to put yourself in a better position than before. Exercise is another great way to deal with the burnout situation created during work from home. It will make you better physically and mentally. Apart from this, balance your capacity and office schedule. If the work increases more than necessary, then talk to your boss or seniors about it so that unnecessary workload can be stopped.

create a routine

Make a routine of your own by following the office culture itself. In work from home, start work just like in the office, take time for lunch and make a schedule to finish the work. If you keep yourself organized then burnout will not happen. If still the work load is increasing, then talk to your seniors.


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