In these ways you can increase the speed of the phone

 If you are not welcoming the new year with a new phone, then you can also take a new experience from your old phone. If your phone is slow then you can increase its speed. For this you have to try some special methods

 Delete not working apps

There are some such apps in the phone, which are installed in the phone, but do not work much. They keep slowing down the speed of the phone by running in the background. Therefore, review the apps on your phone and delete the rest of the apps except the useful apps and system apps.

Install system updates

If system updates appear in the notification, install them. Smartphones can become better than ever before. With the latest updates, phone companies fix bugs as well as provide security patches. This increases the performance of your phone.

use lite version

There are many apps like Facebook, Twitter, Messenger which take up more storage. Their lite version can also be found on the Play Store. You can use them to make your phone fast. If your phone's RAM is less, then Lite version apps can prove to be a better option for you.

format sd card

If you use SD card to increase the storage capacity of the phone. So even this can slow down the phone. From time to time, by looking at its contents, you keep deleting the files that are not useful. So formatting the SD card is a good option.

Make use of cloud storage

Media files present in the phone can slow down its performance. In such a situation, keeping photos and videos in the phone's internal memory slows down the processing of the phone. In this case, you can use Google Cloud or any other free cloud storage service. Ashish Khandelwal