Startups became unicorns like this and history was made

 Startups became unicorns like this and history was made

So far in 2022, 8 Indian startups have got entry in the Unicorn Club. Unicorn Club means a startup whose valuation has reached one billion dollars. Know how a startup becomes a unicorn.

The year 2021 has been very good for Indian startups. Around 44 Indian startups became unicorns this year. It has been a big achievement for Indian startups to join the unicorn club. Not only this, so far 8 Indian startups have got entry in the Unicorn Club in 2022. Unicorn Club means a startup whose valuation has reached one billion dollars. The term is used in the venture capital industry. The term was first used by Eileen Lee, the founder of Cowboy Ventures. Startups with more than $10 billion valuation are called Decacorns and startups reaching $100 billion valuations are called Hectocorns. How a startup becomes a unicorn, know about it...

 Startups that starting a new trend

In the Unicorn Club, such startups got entry who made some special innovations in their field. It can be understood from some special startups. For example, Paytm taught people to do digital transactions. From here such a trend of online payment started, due to which people got attached year after year. At the same time, companies like Flipkart increased the craze of online shopping among people. Such startups created history.

startups that make life easier

Experts say that most startups who have joined the unicorn club have one thing in common. These are startups that have made life easier for customers. Apart from this, they have won their trust by taking things to their consumers. In this way, startups have joined the unicorn club by becoming the need of the people.

digital payment system startup

Experts associated with the field of startup say, apart from India's large mobile user base, startups have got a big advantage of digital payment system. Digital payments got a boost even in small towns and the number of mobile users has increased year after year. This is the reason why small towns have contributed to startups joining the unicorn club.

innovation startups

Another feature of startups joining the Unicorn Club is technology. Many startups reach out to and connect with people with the help of technology. For example, in making a place in the Unicorn Club, Startup Digital facilitated insurance through the app and made its special place. Apart from this, Ola, a startup related to cab service, is also an example of this. Such startups have always understood the needs of the consumers and acted on them. This made the life of the people easier and facilities were provided through mobile. Hence the demand for the facilities provided through such startups increased. Startups were not limited to just delivery of things, but innovations took place in the matter of food delivery and apps like food service emerged and created history. Not only this, all these startups did not stop improving themselves and constantly changed according to the needs of the consumer.

Covid changed the course of digital startups

In the Corona period, many such startups got lifelong, which had a direct connection with digital business. Experts say, during the Corona period, there was no exit of people, everything from classes to office work was going online. This increased the business of startups. Many startups became unicorns during this period. Experts say, India has a huge mobile userbase. It has benefited.

InMobi: India's first startup that became a unicorn

In the last decade, India has got more than 70 unicorns so far. InMobi is the first startup in India to be included in the Unicorn Club. After this, in 2012, the e-commerce website Flipkart made a place. Through this startup, the trend of online shopping in India increased and after that many such startups emerged.

Such has been the beginning of 2022

Talking about 2022, so far 8 Indian startups have joined the unicorn club. These include ExpressBiz, Logistics, LivSpace, Elastic Runs, Polygon, DealsShare, Darwinbox, LeadSchool and Factel. At the same time, 22 startups in the country are still standing in the queue to become a unicorn. The 'Startup India' initiative has been started by the Central Government to promote startups in the country. Through this, the startups are being helped in many ways at the government level. For more information, more information can be taken by visiting the official website of Startup India.


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