Keep these things in mind while preparing for college project

Keep these things in mind while preparing for college project

Two of the biggest challenges are faced when designing a college group project.  First, challenge everyone in the group to complete the project on time.  Second, timely rectification of deficiencies in the project.  In most of the projects it is badly affected due to similar shortcomings.  It can be dealt with by taking care of some things, know about those things...

share responsibilities soon

Distribute project responsibilities equally among each candidate in the group.  Also specify the deadline.  Set a deadline at least 7 days before the project's last date so that it can be reviewed.

Get periodic updates about the project from the members.  With this, you will be able to understand what is the level of preparation of the project and to what extent it can be completed in the stipulated time.

Review the project before submitting it.  Note down minor shortcomings during the review so that improvements can be made in time, which will improve the project.  And the faculty will love it too.


Discuss and get everyone's opinion before submitting the project.  Focus on its shortcomings through discussion.  In this way the strengths and weaknesses of the project will be exposed and a great project can be prepared.

Follow the deadline 07 days in advance, so that the review can be done in time

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