Now the questions related to the pandemic will be part of the job interview, be ready

 Now the questions related to the pandemic will be part of the job interview, be ready

INTERVIEW TIPS: Employers will ask what changes were made in the pandemic

At present, most of the job interviews have become virtual which has its own challenges like problems related to technology, body language etc. and zoom fatigue. These types of interviews not only include common questions related to your skills, background etc., but now employers also want to know how you prepared yourself for change during the pandemic. In these questions related to your home, office setup to crisis management, ways to relieve stress, self-motivation, productivity and virtual communication can be asked.

What challenges did you face?

While answering this question, adopt a personal approach. Telling the story from your challenges, talk at three points - Firstly, tell that you were in a challenging situation but you gave your best in it. After this, state that you have taken some steps beyond your role or showed interest in learning something new. At the end, state what positive results you achieved.

what worked on myself

In answer to this question talk about your professional and personal development, tell what new skills you learned in extra time, which virtual courses you attended and how to increase your professional knowledge. Also tell what you have done for your health on a personal level and what new hobbies you developed during this time.

How did you embrace change?

Amanda Augustine, career expert at Top Resume, says this type of question is important for companies planning to do remote work or adopt a hybrid model in the future. In response, mention the steps you took outside of your job description to help your employer or colleague. Also mention which tools of project management and digital communication you used to stay connected with your colleagues.

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