With cryptocurrencies now making their way into the mainstream, employers are looking for candidates who are experienced in the new technology.  Are You Ready for This?

There is a demand for new jobs in the fast emerging field

Job Roles in Blockchain Technology Growing at 2-6000%

Blockchain Professionals Salary 50-100% Higher Than Software Developers

Currently, we have largely embraced the digital ecosystem and most of our work is being done online.  Cryptocurrency is one of the many interesting innovations in the digital world that is attracting investors and institutions.  It is worth noting that the rapid growth of cryptocurrencies that came into existence almost a decade ago is astonishing.  Today, the net worth of cryptocurrencies globally is more than 2 trillion dollars and continues to grow.  A major reason for this growing interest is that it is considered to be very beneficial, although at present it is not under the control of any central authority.  While there is a lot of skepticism about its use in many countries including India, Japan and European countries are researching ways to adopt it as a legal tender.  According to experts, the cryptocurrency market will grow at a CAGR of 11.2 million dollars and is expected to reach $1758 million in 2027 from the level of $754 million in 2019.

Know what is cryptocurrency and what are the possibilities

A cryptocurrency is a form of digital payment that can be exchanged online for services or good.  This currency works on blockchain technology which is a decentralized technology outside the government control and ensures that these transactions are secure.  There are many cryptocurrencies in circulation in the market, with Bitcoin and Ethereum being the most popular.

How much is the level of income in this field

Here the level of salary depends on many factors like experience, skills and company.  The income of a blockchain developer can range from 5 lakh to 30 lakh rupees per year.  Talking about the average income, it is lakhs annually in the country, which can increase up to 7 times after three years of experience.  For a blockchain architect, it could be 18 million a year.

Higher salary with more experience

Job Role 2-5 Years 5-8 Years 8-12 Years

Blockchain Specialist 13-30 30-50  50-75

Security Engineer 11-25  25-35 35-50

Front End Developer 13-30 30-50  50-75

Yuchai / UX Design 11-24  24-35 35-50

Which job roles are demanded

blockchain developers

Their demand ranges from financial services to tech companies and government.  In addition to knowledge of cryptography and data structures, several technology skills are required.

blockchain solution architect

For this job, knowledge of cryptography, data science and iot is necessary with full stake development devops, containerization, generic sql etc.

Blockchain Project Manager

Knowledge of technology with traditional traditional project management skills, good communication skills.

Blockchain Legal Consultant

Strong communication and legal understanding are essential for this job role.

front end engineer

Knowledge of tools like Sketch, Invision and Figma in addition to UI/UX design.

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